At Neotech Vinyl, we understand the synergy between vinyl materials and record pressing equipment. We know that this relationship is vital in the creation of “silent grooves” or low surface noise in order to achieve a purer sound.  This synergistic relationship is the main reason why we’re so dedicated to learning about our customers’ unique record-pressing equipment. We dig deep to find solutions to your pain points because it not only solves your issues, but also makes our vinyl formulas even better in the process. We know we can make the music you produce sound better, clearer, and more perfect.

Competitive Price Point

Enjoy our superior technology at a competitive price point.


Our Groove Optimization Technology™ results in high definition grooves with extremely low surface noise.

Custom Compounds

Our vinyl compounds are carefully crafted to meet each of our clients’ exact operational specifications whether they’re a vintage record-pressing plant or brand new, cutting-edge operation.

High-Yield & Efficiency

We help hasten cycle times, minimize waste, and save costs to meet tight record label or individual deadlines.

Limitless Creative Expression

Our customized-colored vinyl formulas and finishes make for limitless creative expression.

Groove Optimization Technology™

Our process and technology are unparalleled for producing the purest sound quality possible.

— Robert Sliger, Impex

"Impex is proud to use Neotech vinyl formulations in our 1STEP records. We choose the formulation that best suits the tonal and playback needs of each recording, including the startlingly revealing VR900BK1. Neotech developed the VR900BK1 by rethinking formulation as well as processing. They took a chemistry-intensive approach to a raw material selection in order to eliminate the characteristics of these materials that increase noise in record grooves. They also developed new chemistry that allows the compound to more accurately receive and preserve the grooves. This innovative approach provides ultra-quiet grooves as well as incredibly precise groove definition."

Robert Sliger, Impex Records

— Abey Fonn, Impex Records

Jennifer’s Warnes' long-time mastering engineer, Bernie Grundman, artfully brings out all the detail, presence and harmonic body of this amazingly lifelike recording.  Impex’s luxe 180-gram vinyl presentation, formulated by Neotech Vinyl, features an impeccably quiet pressing by RTI.

Abey Fonn, Impex Records